Social Media and COVID-19: 3 Posting Tips to Keep in Mind
Social media is a wonderful place to learn from and engage with customers, prospects, peers, editors and thought leaders. Platforms like Twitter offer brands and individuals an opportunity to host discussions and share insights in an open forum that encourages diversity of thought. It’s just a matter of finding your tribe online.

Symplur’s Healthcare Hashtag Project can point you towards over 20,000 popular healthcare hashtags that allow you to hop right into the conversation. Look for hashtags that echo the keywords you target in your SEO strategy to align with those with shared interests on social. Tweet Chats are another great way to engage online. These recurring, healthcare-specific Tweet Chats offer weekly discussions on the business of healthcare that consistently draw strong participation:

  • #HCLDR: “healthcare leadership” is moderated by @hcldr every Tuesday @ 8:30pm ET
    Topic: improving healthcare
    Audience: clinicians, patients, CEOS, IT folks, caregivers and policy makers
  • #HITSM: “health IT social media” moderated by @hcittoday every Friday @ Noon ET
    Topic:  various healthcare industry trends
    Audience: health IT professionals
  • #HITMC: “health IT marketing conference” moderated by @healthcarescene  on the 2nd Tuesday of every month @ Noon ET
    Topic: healthcare PR and marketing
    Audience: healthcare and healthcare IT marketing professionals

Also explore niche hashtags tailored to your specific industry, like #TelemedNow for example, to tap into perspectives that may influence product development or spark the next sales connection. As you dive into the world of social selling and engagement on Twitter, here are 10 tips to bolster your success.

  1. Be education-oriented. Follow thought leaders, reporters, influencers, associations and competitors. Know what other industry leaders are saying and doing, and stay up to date on industry news.
  2. Engage in Tweet Chats. Tweet chats are usually hosted by an organization or association and are meant to create a conversation around specific topics. There are usually discussion questions and everyone from executives to the general public is invited to join the conversation.
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Twitter provides a unique opportunity for professionals and the general public to engage. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, research and experiences to spark conversation.
  4. Be mindful of what you share. Be discoverable (use hashtags), be clear (280 characters or less) and be tactful. Remember that you represent yourself as well as your company when you Tweet.
  5. Connect with broad audiences. Twitter offers you the opportunity to connect with individuals outside of your typical audience. This gives your company the chance to widen your scope and connect with audiences you haven’t been able to reach through other means.
  6. Join associations. Associations and organizations often promote Tweet chats or hashtags that offer an easy way to engage in industry-wide discussions. Join these discussions to create greater brand awareness or promote your subject matter experts.
  7. Use hashtags. Using the right hashtag keywords ensures that your Tweets are discoverable by those looking for information. Use topical hashtags as well as popular hashtags to capitalize on trending issues.
  8. DM editors. Editors’ email inboxes are often flooded with media pitches, making it difficult for you to get noticed. Be creative and stand out by reaching out to editors via direct message on social.
  9. Share articles, blogs, tweets, etc. from other industry leaders. Share what established thought leaders are saying on your own Twitter account to show your audience you are well informed—just don’t forget to give credit.
  10. Foster buy-in from your team. Many companies assign one person to manage many social accounts, including those of executives. Encourage team members and executives to engage in social media to deepen conversations and create diversity of thought.

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