Agency Ten22 Celebrates 15th Anniversary

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Agency Ten22 is 15 years old! What started as a project for the American Health Information Management Association in 2005 is now an established public relations agency serving health IT companies nationwide.

Now that we’re 15, we actually know a lot of stuff. Not bragging, but here are a few of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Be proactive. Show up with new ideas and solutions. Even if they don’t stick, it shows you’ve done your homework and you care.
Don’t nickel and dime. People don’t like this.
Support your people. Businesses are made of people, and those people have families and personal goals that enrich their lives.
Admit mistakes. Even the smartest people make mistakes. In fact, mistakes can make you smarter.
Stay creative. Stories about healthcare services and technology don’t have to be boring.
Keep your message simple. Even for the most complicated technology.
Be nice to editors. This means giving them stories they want and occasionally feeding them.
Build community. Without a community, you’re a commodity.
Stay in your lane. Know your area of expertise and recommend other PR pros for the rest.
Hire experience. Editors want to work with PR pros that know healthcare.
Accommodate change. Be ready to shift your marketing and PR plans, and make the process easy.
Respect the reader. Healthcare buyers are busy people. Get to the point with your content.
Make friends. Build relationships with editors, peers and thought leaders. Healthcare IT is a small pond. We often swim together.
Add value through generosity. Look for inexpensive ways to add value to your PR services. A few hours or dollars reap long-term rewards.
Have fun. You only go around once in your life. Keep the journey fun.