As we kick off the new year, perhaps your marketing team is including press releases in your marketing or public relations plan for 2019. Whether you have product launch news to share at HIMSS19 or your leadership team wants to shout customer acquisitions from the rooftops, press releases remain the go-to distribution method for company announcements.

The press release dilemma is a topic that comes up frequently with clients. It’s not uncommon to debate what defines “newsworthy” and deserves media attention versus a splash on the company website. 

We decided to clear up some confusion, so you enter 2019 with a clear press release roadmap. 

Here are three best practices for press releases.

Determine Whether the Release Is Newsworthy

For the PR pro, this is rather self-explanatory. 

Flooding the marketplace with non-newsworthy press releases is very expensive and a waste of time. 

Keep it simple, quality over quantity. Remember, to distribute more than three press releases monthly is overkill. Saturating the healthcare and health IT press with news releases diminishes the credibility of your company, doing more harm than good. 

But, if you need a little help determining whether or not the information is news, get feedback from your sales or marketing departments. They will be happy to help. 

One good resource I found is PR Daily.

Gather Accurate Information and Develop an Intriguing Story

Gathering information is most important to the success of the release. Interview your stakeholders and collaborate with your sales and marketing team. 

You’ll be surprised by the information you’ll receive especially when addressing your industry’s challenges. I have found it beneficial to prepare for the stakeholder interview using a questionnaire. 

You’ll find several samples on the internet, but if you need a good example, use this tool as a template.

Write for Search Engine Optimization

We all know SEO is crucial for press release success. And since distribution is an investment, make sure the release includes SEO to achieve the best possible online distribution and pickups. 

Also use keywords and links in your next press release. Several tools are available to help with this. 

For instance, Moz is a resource our Director of New Media recommends. 

Keep these three best practices handy when the time comes for your next press release. If you’re curious about setting a proper budget, you can find average costs to produce and distribute a press release in the healthcare technology industry from the HITMC 2018 survey, pages 44-46 listed under PR pricing.

For some specific SEO tips, fill out the form below to download a checklist.

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