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We always remind clients of an important social media tip: Social media is not about logos, it’s about people. People are potentially thought leaders for your company, and if they’re not your advocates, you’re missing a big opportunity to increase brand loyalty.

It’s so important to engage your employees, partners and leadership team when it comes to growing your social media presence. We could overload you with a ton of statistics, but will spare you with just two reasons why you should leverage social media for thought leadership:

  • Your social media network appreciates and trusts you when you give them something of value and you’re helpful. Case in point: Ten22 helped a client create and share a checklist that garnered 400+ downloads earlier this summer. Of those 400, over 100 were new subscribers.
  • LinkedIn is the top paid and organic channel for B2B content

Here are three previous posts we shared about leveraging social media to help you along the way:

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Social media is a wonderful place to learn from and engage with customers, prospects, peers, editors and thought leaders. Platforms like Twitter offer brands and individuals an opportunity to host discussions and share insights in an open forum that encourages diversity of thought. It’s just a matter of finding your tribe online.

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