Content Services

From in-depth articles to visual content, Ten22 helps tell your story across all different types of media.
We drive your content marketing strategy by working closely with your subject matter experts to build topics and articulate details.
Our writers and PR experts rely on healthcare industry experience to draft and disseminate informative content to your target readers.

Content Services

Case Studies

Nothing speaks more effectively than client success. Ten22 culls your best customer experience stories to offer readers real-world examples of industry challenges and solutions. We coordinate directly with your clients to showcase their projects and results that shine.

White Papers

Want to share research findings or meaningful insights? Demonstrate your subject matter expertise with downloadable, comprehensive content on key industry topics. Ten22 helps you communicate content via well-organized, in-depth reviews.


Showcase your story via live or on-demand web events. Ten22 helps you draft content, prepare slides, practice your delivery and promote your event. Visit our speakers bureau page for more information or contact us for customized webinar services.


Addressing a multifaceted topic? Ebooks offer an efficient way to guide readers through complex business processes or comprehensive coverage without overwhelming them. We help you tailor content in just the right places to keep readers wanting more.


Cater to visual learners with illustrations of complex data, topics and workflows. Ten22’s content and design experts work with you to tell your story graphically. Combine long-form content with easy-on-the-eyes infographics to capture your readers’ attention.


This medium delivers multi-sensory appeal along with SEO benefits. Ten22 helps you share client stories with a personal touch, weaving videos into your content marketing strategy to introduce your expertise in a whole new way.

Executive Briefs

Just the facts. Capture the attention of busy C-suite executives with content that’s focused and easy to read. We combine your most salient talking points with a clear call-to-action designed to educate your readers.

Tip Sheets & How-to Guides

Quick-reference tip sheets and how-to guides deliver your company’s message in an accessible, at-a-glance format. Ten22 delivers concise content in well-designed layouts with appeal for readers looking to tap into your area of expertise.


Expert advice delivered monthly to help your public relations and marketing efforts.